Baby Lotta goes backpacking in Patagonia – video

Everything you can imagine is real. – Picasso

It’s been a while. Parenting. Time consuming. Free moments are spend together and outdoors. Our girl is 7 months young now. She grows on sight. We’re enjoying the best times of our lives so far. When she was 20 weeks old, we took her on a extremely rewarding backcountry backpacking trip into Chilean and Argentine Patagonia. 45 days. Ice-caked mountains, evergreen virgin rainforrests, eye-blurring blue and green rivers, golden rolling pampa, abundant wildlife, rare humans, vitamin D spitting sun, howling wind, freshes ever air and senses running overtime. Contrary to gut feeling, it turned our baby way more relaxed then when put between four walls.

This is the video impression which will consume 6 minutes of your life.

A more extensive report in word and photos might follow somewhere in time.

Scree descent after summiting active volcano Chaitén, Parque Pumalin, Palena province, Patagonia, Chile

Scree descent after summiting active volcano Chaitén, Parque Pumalin, Palena province, Patagonia, Chile. March 10th, 2016.

This is your life! Do what you love and do it often.



  1. This video is amazing! What a beautiful happy daughter you have! I look forward to seeing more of your little family going on trips together! You guys are inspirational. Greets from Australia x

  2. Wow, this is truly inspiring! I’ ve been saying to myself that having kids won’t keep me from going on adventures and having great outdoor-experiences but I never was quite sure how this actually should work… Now the three of you are showing me that this really is possible! Thank you very much for this amazing inspiration. Greetings from England, Mimi

  3. Hi, we are taking our 4 month old to torres del paine next week for a couple of days. How did your baby do with the altitude? I am a little concerned to be honest about taking him.

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