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Welcome to the blog of Steve Behaeghel, a 1980 born old Belgian outdoor geek. On this blog, i will try to write about the adventures i make with my beloved wife Katrijn and our wonderfull girl Lotta around the globe, and give common outdoor suggestions/tips/tricks for other likeminded people or just for whom is interested in it.

Most of our backpacking hiking trips get us to some remote wilderness areas around the world where we are trying to escape the hectic western lifestyle for weeks or even months in a row. We started hiking in 2004 and developped into multiple day backpacking by end 2005. Our first ever overnight backpacking trip was a 4-day winter trek into the freezing Belgian Ardennes…

We have a fetish for Patagonia and the Arctic. We’ve been on multiple long-time (thru)hiking/backpacking trips into Patagonia (14 months spent in the region in total, spread over 5 trips), been on several (winter) trips into arctic Scandinavia, hiked for 2 months in the Canadian Rockies and Alaska, explored some of the world largest glaciers in the Karakorum mountains of Pakistan, climbed some 5000’ers and a 6000’er in the Central Andes of Peru and Bolivia, in 2011 we did a wonderfull 3-week wild trek on the eastern coast of Greenlandand and in 2012 we walked half of the Great Himalayan Trail in the Nepali Himalaya during our 2012-2013 gap year.

We prepare ourselves for those “big” trips by testing out our gear and training the muscles in the European Alps, or closer to home in our garden of the Belgian “Ardennes”. At home we go running (esp. half-marathon), swimming and bouldering for keeping in shape.

Since begin of 2012 we added a 2-person packraft in our outings.

Lightweight Philosophy

Over the years we have continously been thinking about enlightening our way too heavy loads. Lighter loads mean less calory burning, more enjoyable, healthier and safer walking. We do not want to become super ultra lightweight aficionados, but just want to enjoy our passion in a more comfortable way.

An important remark on the latter is, that we are not in a continuous quest of changing gear over and over, following the UL-trends. Our cabinet does not protrude with different gear for any kind of situation nor destination. We strongly believe in an ecologic and durable lifestyle. By flying to those remote destinations does not help to lower our footprint, but we try to compensate in our daily life, by trying to live light, not only on the trail…

Hope you like our tales, suggestions  and pictures and we are more then willing to help you out on preparing for a similar adventure into the wild.

What are you doing for a living?

We both have a master in Industrial Engineering from the Katholieke Hogesschool St. Lieven, in Gent, Belgium. Katrijn is head of department IT at the adult education school “Het Perspectief” in Gent. Steve will start teaching applied informatics in the third degree of a secondary school near home.


The backpacking family anno 2016.

The backpacking family anno 2016.



  1. Hello guys… wonderful to follow your adventures in the Wild!
    I noted your interest in going to K2 Base camp couple of years ago, did you go?
    we are planning to go in the summer of 2013 and any info will be very much appreciated .


  2. Hi guys,
    I really love your blog and especially the fotos you have taken – stunning quality! Could you please give us some details about your foto equipment.

    Take care,

  3. Great blog and specially great photography guys! loved it! We met at The Lazy Dog Inn in Huaraz in late May. Hope your travels continue as amazing as they have been. Good luck and enjoy!

  4. Love your blog and photos. I’d love to get to some of those places and luckily I am going to Tasiilaq this July for 2 weeks solo trekking! Hope I get weather for some great photos like yours. Thanks for sharing you travels. Kevin

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  7. Hello,
    Just came across your blog and loved it!!! We live in Belgium too and just got back from the W and Fitz Roy where our 6-yr-old Mimi accomplished 66kms in 5 days on the W and we are super proud 🙂 Your photos are amazing!! Our travel has not been as adventurous since we camped in a tent for the first time last year in Iceland LOL!! It is heartwarming to see families travelling with children. Would love to get in touch to share experience 🙂


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