Some people sometimes ask me what kind of equipment I use for my photography. I try to keep it simple, lightweight (in photographic terms) without sacrificing shooting possibilities. As I already cary enough equipment on our longer trips, I choose to carry only 1 lens, which never leaves the body (in this way I try to keep the interior of the body dry and clean).

Since end of 2013 my camera body is the Canon Eos 6D full frame camera with a EF 17–40mm lens. Video and timelapses are done with a 2012 GoPro Hero2.

All the photos displayed on this and other websites are the copyright images of Steve Behaeghel and all rights are reserved.  Use of photos in electronic or print publication requires prior permission.

This is my kit, no less, no more.

This is my kit, no less, no more.



  1. Your photos are amazing, thank you for sharing them with the rest of us. Can you also comment on any post processing you do? There is a very natural quality to your images that makes them look clean and vibrant without over saturation. I’m never able to get that look quite right, any tips would be appreciated.

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