Greenland – Iceberg Collapse (video)

Last summer, on our wilderness trek along the remote, unspoilt fjords on the east-coast of Greenland we enjoyed never ending silence, sporadicly interupted by a small iceberg breaking in peaces from the summer melt.

When walking along the Sermilik fjord we were suddenly astonished by the spectacle of a footballfield-sized iceberg which collapsed out of the blue. The rupture was one thing, but the overturn was massive. This provoked a tsunami tidal wave of 5m high which rammed into the coast where we would normally walk. Luckily at that time we were ascending a rocky slope to avoid a rock band along the coast and we were at some 50m above sea level…

The iceberg was somewhere between 3 and 5 km away from us in the 10km wide fjord. The iceberg jutted out some 100m out of the water, so you can imagine how much ice was under the water (keeping in mind the part under the water surface)

Pardon me my language in the video…


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  1. Hi Steve & Katrijn. I must say that your blog is really excellent. I have enjoyed the wonderful photographs of your adventures. Sorry, I meant to have commented earlier, after your comment on my blog, but I forgot ! I have put you in my Google Reader. BTW I like you photo of you two. The one of Katrijn drinking from the hydration bladder and Steve with the daft expression on his face – Is this the typical effect of walking in high latitudes ? :o)

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